Extrusion conical twin screw

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Detailed Description:
Screws and barrels from DK increase the quality and the output of your production. We have the outstanding experience in the design, development and production of screw and barrel which can be applied in twin-screw extruders of all types in the market such as KMD, Cincinnati, Theysohn, Battenfeld, weber , Amut, etc.
We focus on corrosion-proof and wear-resistant effect of screws and barrels, which can guarantee a long service life.
Size: φ35/75~φ95/192 (Screw structure and compression ratio can be designed according to different material and products)
Type of extruder: KMD, Cincinnati, Theysohn, Battenfeld, weber, Amut, etc.
Technical Parameter:
Nitriding Hardness:HV900-1000
Nitriding Depth :0.5~0.8mm
Nitridng Brittleness: 2nd Level
Surface Roughness:≤Ra0.4
Screw Straightness:0.015mm
Nitrided Chromium Coating Surface Hardness≥950HV
Chromium Coating Thickness :0.025~0.10mm
Bimetallic layer Hardness:HRC50-65
Bimetallic layer  Depth:0.8~2.0mm
Materials & Technology:
Quality 38CrMoAIA or 34CrAlNi7(1.8550)
Advanced Nitriding Technology
Anti-corrosion and Wear-resisting Duplex Metal Spraying Technology
Quality Powder Metallurgy Materials
Hard Metal Cold/Thermal Spraying Technology


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